Available Services From Shine On

Shine on Massage

60/90 min - $75/$95


Our signature massage that incorporates therapeutic and flushing techniques with medium to firm pressure. It not only eases muscle tension and breaks up adhesions, it leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

Deep Tissue Massage

60/90 min - $80/$100

Shine On's deep tissue massages are one of our most popular services requested by our customers, and for good reasons. Deep tissue massages provide a wealth of benefits to your body, including: reduction of chronic pain, improving blood pressure, breaking up scar-tissue, relieving stress and rehabilitating previously damaged muscles. Shine On is incredibly proud of our reviews we've received from our deep tissue massage services. 

Couples Massage

60/90 min - $150/$190

Join a loved one with this relaxing massage that helps you release tension and sink into a state of tranquility. It will leave you both feeling relaxed and restored.


Reflexology Massage

30/60 min - $30/$60

Focusing throughout your hands and feet, Shine On's reflexology massage enables pressure to be released using channels linked throughout the body.

Swedish Massage

60/90 min - $70/$90

The classic massage, done incredibly well by Shine On. 

A gentle stress relieving massage that is great for increasing circulation, reducing muscle tension and inducing relaxation.


15/30 min - $15/$30

(Ask us about the free Add-On!)


 Softens tight muscles, loosens adhesions, lifts and releases connective tissue, activating the lymph system, and helping to clear the veins. Treatments can also help clear stretch marks, and improve the appearance of cellulite.

Every massage comes with Complimentary hot towels, hot stones & aromatherapy!