Yoga Studio Coming Next Week!

Shine On is thrilled to update everyone on our new Yoga Studio! We will have private sessions, couples sessions, and group sessions! Be on the lookout for our announcement on our soft opening of the new Studio! Shine On!

Hatha Yoga is Coming to Shine On Soon!!!

Hatha yoga has been around for thousands and thousands of years. Some believe the tradition to be 5000 years old while others think it dates back as many as 10,000 years. This disparity in time is due to the fact that when Yoga was first practiced there was no written word, no paper, no way of transmission other than the spoken word. So there’s no way to know for sure how ancient this practice is. What we do know is hatha yoga is a total life philosophy incorporating how we relate to the world, to ourselves and how to attain inner peace.

In the yoga sutras, (196 sutras or aphorisms written in Sanskrit around 400 A.D.) Patanjali describes hatha yoga as consisting of eight limbs or disciplines. This is known as the eight fold path. (More on this later!)

Two well known schools of yoga were derived directly from these sutras and today’s modern styles including ashtanga, Iyengar, anusara, yin, power, vinyasa, restorative, Jivamukti, kundalini moksha, Bikram, etc. all originated from these schools.

So in essence hatha yoga is the mother of modern day Yoga as we have come to know it. With this deep history and broad definition there is a massive variation of what can be offered in a hatha class. But generally it embodies this eight fold path and incorporates relatively slow paced, deliberate asanas (postures),pranayama(breathwork)and meditation.

In my classes I like to stay true to the roots of yoga to allow the holistic embodiment of it’s philosophy. I also like to incorporate some anusara and alignment based modifications using belts,blocks,and bolsters. This makes yoga accessible to everyone and helps beginners and people with injuries or chronic conditions get into correct alignment, bringing awareness to their bodies and breath, and calm their minds.

Meet Our Newest Therapist, Starr!

Starr Porter LMBT, thrives on helping people relax, feel better, and to create balance within

their bodies and lives. Using a holistic approach, she has been assisting clients reach their

health and healing goals since 2016. Starr is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher

specializing in alignment based Hatha yoga as well as Pranic and Chakra energy techniques.

Whether you desire an indulgent massage for deep relaxation or require bodywork for chronic

conditions, injuries, or traumas, Starr incorporates various modalities customized for each

client’s specific needs. She is experienced in Therapeutic, Myofascial Release, Swedish,

Neuromuscular Therapy, Hot Stone, and Deep Tissue techniques. Shine on with Starr today!

Buy 2, Get One for $20!!

Now until July 4th, Shine On will be running a Buy 2 , One Hour Massages, Get One for $20! This is a $240 value we are letting go for $180! Give your muscles the Freedom they deserve this Independence Day! This deal will not be back until Christmas time so get them while they last! Shine On!

Meet N' Greet!

This Thursday, May 30th from 6pm-8pm, Shine On will be hosting a Meet N’ Greet! Come out and meet our new team, eat some great food, enjoy some beverages, and check out the new makeover! We will have incredible package deals starting at $180! We will also be doing a raffle for a free, 90 Minute Massage Giveaway!

This is a night you are not going to want to miss! We can’t wait to see everyone there! Shine On!

We are now open on Sundays!!!

Shine On is ecstatic to announce that we are now open on Sundays!!! We will be open 10am-7pm! Now you can top your perfect Sunday Funday off with a great massage! Shine On!

We are Undergoing Some Changes!

Shine On is happy to announce that we are hiring two, amazing new Massage Therapists, starting in May! More information is to come as we begin making moves on expanding our little studio! We are also excited to announce that our Couples Massage options will be back on our menu early May! We want to thank all of our wonderful clients for sticking with us all of these years and making this all possible! Shine On, you crazy diamonds!

We Were Nominated!

Shine On would just like to thank everyone who voted for us this year for Encore Magazine’s Best Of 2019!! Being nominated alone is a win for us! We can not express how much this means to us! Thank you Wilmington!

Is Your Purse Causing You Pain?


is your bag causing you pain?

learn how massage can help

Carrying a bag on the shoulder causes contraction and overuse of the muscles, usually in the trapezius. The depression of the opposite shoulder causes curvature in the mid spine. Along with the spinal misalignment, the consistent contraction causes a major distortion in ones posture.

Massage therapy helps relax the overworked muscles and by breaking up the knots, realigning, muscularly, the shoulders, neck and back.

In between massage sessions, here are somethings one can do to decrease the tension:

  • clean out your bag regularly to decrease the weight

  • ditch the bag from time to time

  • choose a bag with two straps, like a bookbag, to evenly distribute the weight.

  • switch to a messenger bag or a bag with wider straps

  • alternate shoulders

Call Shine On Massage to re-align that posture!


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